100W Output large solar led flood lights

large solar led flood lights

The Lights have the following Specs:
    100W Output large Solar led flood lights

    Light output: 9000 lumens
    Light up approx 55mx40m area
    Aluminium Die Cast Housing
    Tempered Glass lens - not plastic
    Lithium Ion Battery: 16.8V 15600MaH Total Capacity - These are able to be easily removed if necessary.
    4 Hours use on a full charge.  Time needed for a full charge is 8-10 Hours depending on time of year
    LED Color - Pure White
    2m cable fitted which connects directly to Solar Panel Cable
    Light measurement: 284mmx230mmx160mm
    Weight 5kg
    CE & RoHS Certified
    IP66 Rating

large solar led flood lights pole installation

Solar Panel Specs:
    Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
    40W/24V with 3m cable fitted
    Anodised Aluminium frame
    Protective Polycarbonate coating over solar panels to protect from hail/bad weather
    Weight 5kg

Package Includes:
    1x 100W large solar led flood lights with 16.8V Battery
    1x 40W 24V Solar Panel
    Flood Light Mounting Kit
    English Instructions

What size sign / area are you trying to illuminate?: Our large solar led flood lights are rated to provide you with an approximate area they will illuminate.

What color light do you want (white, amber, colored?): All lights have a specific color spectrum, be sure to select the right one for your project.

Do you have a location to install the solar panel? Depending on your location we offer different lighting solutions with solar panels which can be mounted with the lighting fixture or remotely positioned.

Call and speak with one of our technicians! We have sold over 15,000 units of large solar led flood lights. Let our experts help determine which light is suitable for your application.
100W Output large solar led flood lights

Our Service:
1. Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
2. Our professional R&D team can meet your OEM/ODM requirement.
3. Strict Quality Control to insure providing you high quality products.
4. Our After-sale dept could help you deal with any problems when you received our products.
5. 12 Months Warranty for all our products.

How large solar led flood lights Works
During the day, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. This happens due to light photons striking a solar cell and knocking electrons free from the silicon atoms of the crystal structure of the cell, The power generated from the solar is fed through our charge / load controller and charges the battery.

large solar led flood lights pole installation

The solar panel acts as a photocell turning the light on at night. The charge / load controller controls the discharge of the battery powering the light fixture to provide accurate lighting operation. The large solar led flood lights will sense when it is daylight again and will tell the charge / load controller to turn the light back off in the morning and go back to charging mode.

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