100W solar security flood lights

solar security flood lights

100 watt output motion sensor solar security flood lights

    Light output: 9000 lumens
    Light up approx 50mx40m area
    Aluminium Die Cast Housing
    Tempered Glass lens - not plastic
    Lithium Ion Battery: 16.8V 8000MaH Total Capacity - These are able to be easily removed if necessary.
    2 Hours continuous use on a full charge.  Time needed for a full charge is 8-10 Hours depending on time of year.
    When settings are adjusted correctly Light will work all night long.
    LED Color - Pure White
    1.5m cable fitted which connects directly to Solar Panel Cable
    Light measurement: 284mmx230mmx160mm
    Weight 3.5kg
    Light On time adjustable from 5-360 seconds
    Sensor detection range is 180deg
    Motion Detection adjustable between 8-12 metres
    CE & RoHS Certified
    IP66 Rating
100 watt output solar security flood lights

Solar Panel Specs:
    Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
    20W/24V with 2m cable fitted
    Anodised Aluminium frame
    Protective Polycarbonate coating over solar panels to protect from hail/bad weather
    Weight 5kg

Certificates: CE and RoHs
HS Code: 9405500000
Factory: Yes
OEM: accepted
Payment term : T/T ; LC ; Western union ; Paypal

Package Includes:
    1x 100W LED solar security flood lights with 16.8V Battery
    1x 20W 24V Solar Panel with adjustable brackets
    Flood Light Mounting Kit
    English Instructions
solar security flood lights technical diagram

These are the biggest solar security flood lights in our range with a Massive 100W Output that is bright enough to light up a approx 50mx40m area well enough to see where you are walking.
They are great as they do not require a 240V connection at all so they will keep working when the power goes off.
They are completely sealed so can be used anywhere on your property just place the Solar Panel where it will receive full sun to charge the battery and they are ready to go.
Do the whole installation easily yourself and save money as no Electrician is needed.

solar security flood lights are a popular choice for many looking for lighting only when needed. The lamp (usually a floodlight) will switch on when motion is detected. That makes them ideal for use as a security light but also for convenience lighting. Install one for the back yard or patio area and perhaps one near your front door, porch or garage. The motion sensor is usually attached to the light fixture.

solar security flood lights pole installation

We offer a selection of solar powered motion detector lights most of which use the latest LED technology. No bulb changes to be concerned with (unlike conventional halogen security lighting). solar security flood lights have become increasingly popular over the last 3 years as electricity prices and environmental pressures soar. solar security flood lights are surprisingly bright, incredibly easy to install and there are no operating costs.

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